Friday November 4, 2016

6:15am                                                BUS DEPARTS HOTEL

7:00am                                    REGISTRATION AND CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST

7:25am                                    Welcome         Irving Waxman, William Brugge, and Uzma Siddiqui

                                                Session I: EUS Basics

                                                Moderators:  Julio Iglesias-Garcia, William Brugge, Vinay Dhir

7:30am                                    Overview of EUS in 2016

                                                Irving Waxman

7:40am                                    What's new in EUS Equipment?       

                                                Brenna Casey

8:00am                                    Radial EUS

                                                Luis Carlos Sabbagh

8:20am                                    Linear EUS

                                                Douglas Adler                    

8:40am                                    EUS enhanced imaging

                                                Julio Iglesias Garcia

9-10am                          LIVE CASES

10:15am                                  Coffee Break                   

                                                Session II:  Pancreatic Neoplasms

                                                Moderators:  Alberto Larghi, Brenna Casey, Mitchell Posner, Luis Sabbagh

10:30am                                  Update on EUS and pancreatic cancer

                                                Vinay Dhir                                     

10:50am                                  Pancreatic Cystic Neoplasms: Survey, resect, or leave alone

                                                William Brugge       

11:10am                                  Pancreatic Cancer: Surgical Oncology perspective

                                               Mitch Posner

11:30am-12:30pm        LIVE CASES

12:30-1:30pm                          LUNCH

                                                Session III:  Esophageal Cancer

                                                Moderators:  Mouen Khashab, Douglas Adler, Amrita Sethi

1:30pm                                    EUS for Esophageal cancer staging

                                                Julio Iglesias Garcia                                         

1:50pm                                    EBUS Basics for the endoscopist                                          

                                                Kyle Hogarth

2:10pm                                    Esophageal Cancer: Thoracic surgery perspective

                                                Mark Ferguson

2:30-3:30pm                  LIVE CASES      

3:30pm                                    COFFEE BREAK                                     

3:40pm                                    Maximizing your EUS sample

                                                Alberto Larghi

4:00pm                                    EUS VIDEO QUIZ

                                                Brenna Casey             

4:30pm                                    RECEPTION

5:30pm                          BUS DEPARTS MEDICAL CENTER                      


Saturday Nov 5, 2016

7am                               BUS DEPARTS HOTEL

7:30am                                    CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST

                                                Session IV:  Pancreaticobiliary Drainage

                                                Moderators:  Alberto Larghi, Mouen Khashab, Vanessa Shami, John Renz

8:00am                                   EUS-Guided Treatment of Pancreatic Collections

                                                Amrita Sethi, MD

8:20                                         EUS-guided biliary and gallbladder drainage

                                                Vinay Dhir

8:40                                         EUS-guided pancreatic endotherapy                                     

                                                Mouen Khashab

9:00-10:00am                LIVE CASES

10:00am                                  COFFEE BREAK                                          

                                                Session V:  Luminal

                                                Moderators:  Mouen Khashab, Brenna Casey, Julio Iglesias Garcia

10:10am                                  EUS workup of Subepithelial Lesions

                                                Douglas Adler

10:30am                                  Gastric Tumor Staging: Adenocarcinoma, MALT, and more

                                                Luis Carlos Sabbagh

10:50am                                  Rectal cancer staging: EUS vs MRI

                                                Vanessa Shami

11:10am                                  Drainage of peri-rectal collections

                                                Amrita Sethi

11:30am-1:00p             LIVE CASES

1:00pm – 1:45pm                    LUNCH

                                                Session VI:  Advanced Imaging

                                                Moderators:  Alberto Larghi, Amrita Sethi, Carlos Sabbagh

1:45pm                                    Chronic Pancreatitis: Figuring out the features

                                                Christopher Chapman                                         

2:05pm                                    Advanced Imaging of the Pancreas: Benign or Malignant?

                                                Julio Iglesias Garcia                                      

2:25pm                                    EUS-guided confocal endomicroscopy

                                                Uzma Siddiqui

2:45-3:45pm                 LIVE CASES

3:45pm                                    COFFEE BREAK

                                                Session VII:  Therapeutic EUS

                                                Moderators:  Vinay Dhir, Brenna Casey, Douglas Adler

3:55pm                                    Hemostasis: Coils, glue, and more

                                                Alberto Larghi                          

4:15pm                                    Anti-tumor therapy: Is there a role for EUS guided treatment?

                                                William Brugge

4:35pm                                    EUS-guided anastomosis: Gastrojejunostomy

                                                Mouen Khashab

4:55pm                                    STATE OF THE ART LECTURE: The Future of EUS

                                                Vinay Dhir

5:15pm                                    Closing comments/Adjourn                                      

5:30                               BUS DEPARTS MEDICAL CENTER


Sunday November 6, 2016

7:00am                        BUS DEPARTS HOTEL

7:30am                        BREAKFAST

8:00am                        Best of DDW, Douglas Adler

8:30am                        Best of UEGW,  Julio Iglesias Garcia

9:00am                        Hands-On Rotations, All Faculty

11:00am                      EUS Questions and Cases


12:00                           Hands-On Rotations, All Faculty

2:00pm                       ADJOURN